The US central Intelligence organization (CIA) has released 470,000 files that had been captured at some point of the raid that killed al-Qaeda chief Usama Bin laden in can also 2011.

Bangladesh opens talks with neighboring Myanmar on Monday with the purpose of securing the go back home of more than half of a million Rohingya Muslim refugees.

Saudi Arabia will permit ladies to drive, kingdom media reported overdue Tuesday

It has been rumoured that Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan are dating

Over two million Muslims from around the world begin Hajj

U.S. President Donald Trump’s approach for the nation's


The world’s most indestructible species, the tardigrade, a new Oxford University collaboration.

Maryam Nawaz is the beneficial owner of London flats(JIT report) /Imran khan appealed to put Nawaz Sharif's name of ECL

16-year-old British Pakistani rejects £5 million offer for his website

ICC Fantasy : The Final – Pakistan v India

ISIS claimed its first assaults in Iran on Wednesday

Saudi Arabia,Egypt,Bahrain,Yemen,Libya and UAE cut diplomatic ties with Qatar.

Manchester blast

Attack on Malala was pre-planned, claims Zeb

Nadal can't fault Federer

NASA cracks case of mysterious Earth flashes

Indian Muslim teenager builds world’s lightest satellite

US defends dropping 'mother of all bombs' in Afghanistan

A Syrian-American poet

Wanna start a business of football, surgical instruments,gloves & cricket

Pope Francis, for a political war in Syria, condemning as “unacceptable carnage”

A chemical attack in Syria

Consumption of legumes has the potential to lower the risk of kind 2 diabetes

Swiss incredible Roger Federer has risen to fourth

The Twitter egg can not be broken.

Twitter Loses 16th Executive in a year

Arsene Wenger : Arsenal F.C

High-dose vitamin C for cancer treatment

Surprising uses of apple cider vinegar

The Samsung Galaxy S8,Bluetooth 5

Dubai's largest mall, burned