ISIS claimed its first assaults in Iran on Wednesday

The ISIS claimed its first assaults in Iran on Wednesday as gunmen and suicide bombers killed at the least five people in dual assaults on parliament and the tomb of the country’s progressive founder in Tehran.

Dozens of people were also wounded in the attacks, with persevering with gunfire numerous hours when they started out. A security guard and another person have been killed whilst 4 gunmen burst into Tehran’s parliament complex with rifles and a pistol.

One attacker blew himself up on the fourth floor of the parliament office building as a standoff with police continued for several hours.

 Iran's Intelligence Ministry says several groups tried to conduct terrorist actions in Tehran, but a group turned into arrested before any movement.

 The 2 martyrdom operatives blew themselves up in the Khomeini mausoleum within the center of Tehran.
"Combatants from the Islamic state attacked the Khomeini mausoleum and the Parliament building in Tehran," the the Amaq propaganda organization stated mentioning a "security source"

One attacker on Iran`s Parliament complex blows himself up on the fourth floor amid an ongoing siege.
 A second suicide bomber detonates explosives outside the shrine of Iran's progressive founder Ruhollah Khomeini in south Tehran.

Security forces had been dismantling a bomb in the shrine and that firing become nonetheless taking place across the site. The intelligence ministry claimed there has been a 3rd ‘terrorist’ group that were neutralised before the attacks began.

The metropolis was on lockdown, with streets blocked and parts of the metro closed. journalists had been saved far from the shrine by way of police.
Indoors Minister Abdolrahman Fazli advised ,he had convened a special meeting of the country’s security council.